BABY STEPS - Tiny Tumble and Dance
This is a 30 minute combination class for ages 2-3. Do you have a little girl or boy who hasn't ever been involved in anything outside of home? That's okay! This class is perfect. Some little ones have trouble adjusting to new surroundings and activities, but you will see the progress is well worth it. Class will teach basic motor skills, rhythm, front rolls, back rolls, log rolls, kicks, basic dance skills and much more!

STEPS Mini-Stars Gymnastics
This is a 30 minute class for ages 2-4. Students will learn gross motor skills along with basic gymnastics and progressions for beginner to intermediate gymnastics skills. This class teaches body awareness and coordination used for all sports. Focus will be designed to suit students of different skills levels. They will be introduced to gymnastics equipment such as beam and single bar.

STEPS Stars - Gymnastics
This is a 45 minute class for ages 4-7. Class will focus on basic and intermediate gymnastics and tumble. Gross motor and movement will be incorporated into gymnastics skills. Skill focus will be balance, cartwheels, handstands, walkover. This class will be introduced to single bar, balance beam, and the usage of spring board which will include swinging, pullovers, balance beam technique and use of spring board.

Youth Tumble
This is a 30 minute class for ages 7-12. Tumble class involves a combination of jumps, acrobatics, skills, and class choreography. Students will learn various skills based on their own personal skill level. They will work on things from cartwheels to back tucks. At the start of the season, students create goals to work towards each class until the year end showcase.

Youth Cheer and Tumble
This is 30 minute combination class open for ages 7-12. This class is perfect for students with the goal of cheering for their school when the time comes and will increase coaches consideration with cheer and tumble experience. Students will learn tumble skills based on their own personal skill level and work to a goal set at the beginning of the season. Cheer skills will include jumps, synchronization, Pom technique, motions, and proper terminology.