Most classes meet weekly and are 30 minutes in length with the exception on older classes with higher attendance that will meet for 45 minutes per week. Our teams meet for 3+ hours per week.
Our program has a set cost per season. For the convenience of our families, the cost is broken down into monthly installments. A basic 30 minute session per week is only $25.00 per month. On average it's $6.25 per week. Per season the cost for program is set at $255.00. This is a cost that has been in place since 2003 with no increase. We intend to keep it that way!
As stated above, our classes are broken into installments. Per week, on average, classes are ONLY $6.25 per week. Our installments also include open participation in parades to all students and spirit weeks.
Costumes on average are $50. The older they get, the more expensive they become. Again, costume cost is broken up in installments for the sake of our families, especially those with dancers in multiple classes/multiple siblings. Costumes are high quality and look fantastic on stage.
A lot of our costumes come as a full outfit set including headpiece. What we charge for costumes is way below suggested retail. In fact, we only add $10 per costume. Disregarding our fee for shipping/exchange fee, if your dancer needs a size exchange, has a damaged costume, etc. It is corrected quickly with no hesitation.
We want you to find the right fit. With many different options and instructors, we can make adjustments and try classes through September and October.
We welcome parents in for Parent Weeks which are the last 10 minutes during the last full week of the month to view what they are up to and check out progress. You can also keep track of when these weeks are by viewing our google calendar. By only watching 10 minutes per month it allows us to have your child's full undistracted attention.
Measurements are taken early on in the season by staff members. In the event your child's costume doesn't fit, is damaged, etc, we will get the original replaced quickly with no worries and no additional charges.
Tumble classes do mat work without shoes and our tiny classes generally go with the black slippers with the while bottoms that look like mini versions of house slippers. Their feet grow so quickly, we don't want you shelling out a ton of money for dance shoes they will grow out of in one season. Older classes are required to wear specific shoes. This is for benefit of the dancer.
We recommend blush, lips, and eyes. The stage lights are very bright and have a tendency to wash out our precious students faces.
No denim, dresses, flip flops, and anything that can also restrict movement and flexibility. Come comfortable and ready to dance it out.
Flexibility plays a big part in a dancer/tumble student's success. We recommend stretching at home as much as possible.